View this webinar for free information on the adoption process of infants or older children from foster care. Learn about our placement programs and how we can assist you with a home study and other support services such as training and post-placement services. Our team can provide home study services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

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February 2024 Update:

We are currently accepting applications for our Domestic Infant Program Waitlist. Families on the Waitlist are invited into the Domestic Infant Program as openings occur. The wait time for new applicants to enter the Domestic Infant Program is dependent on how many families are on the waitlist (ahead of the applicant) and the race/culture of the applicant(s).

We reserve at least 30% our placement pool for families of color, as most of the birth parents we serve are of color and are seeking adoptive families that mirror their race and/or culture. When we fall below 30% of families of color in the placement pool, we will invite families of color off the waitlist to join the Domestic Infant Program. We share this information with you in full transparency with the intent of serving you well.

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