All parents strive to raise respectful and responsible children who are ready to face the world. How do we raise responsible kids in a complex world that is full of challenges, temptations and frustrations? Love and Logic is an internationally acclaimed parenting program that has helped countless parents enjoy their children more by bringing sanity and order back into their homes. A “win-win” situation is created where parents are taught how to set limits and establish expectations through loving support and guidance, and children learn how to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

This seminar explains the Love and Logic philosophy and approach. Participants will learn effective strategies for combating common parenting challenges such as temper tantrums, disrespect and defiance, problems at school, lying and stealing, sibling rivalry and more. Participation is a must for parents who are tired of threatening, bribing, pleading, cajoling, nagging and engaging in constant power struggles with their children. Love and Logic is a win-win approach to parenting that really works!

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